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Available 24/7 for Emergency Services

On Thursday 3/24/11 & Friday 3/25/11 our phone service was interrupted due a major business phone service outage for all of California. On Thursday between 11am & 4pm all calls to Carter Services and 1000’s of other businesses stopped. Our phone service was restored around 4pm & we thought the problem was fixed. On Friday at 9am all our calls started forwarding to company in San Diego & then the problem from Thursday repeated itself. Our service was finally restored around 2:30pm on Friday. Our service has redundancy built into it to prevent phone interuptions, but the failure affected that too. We will be exploring further solutions to make this type of event less likely in the future.

Many of our loyal customers went to our website & scheduled calls there & others sent us emails. We are thankful for your patience during this outage & apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused to you.

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