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Garbage disposals, those handy little mechanisms for disposing of unwanted waste products in your sink, are probably one of the best kitchen inventions ever designed. Gone are the days when you had to distastefully gather up all the slimy junk of leftover peels, crumbs, bits of gristle, eggshells, and other soggy waste products with your bare hands. The smelly food bucket that was placed by the sink is a thing of the past when you can simply grind up the last bits of undesirable waste and wash it down the drain.

Of course, these plumbing fixtures have become so commonplace that we often do not notice them until they break down, whether due to leaks or clogs in your drain, or malfunctions in the motor system. In some cases, you may be able to repair your disposal, but in other scenarios, a total replacement will save you more money in the long run. No matter what garbage disposal services in Torrance you require, our skilled technicians at Carter Services are fully prepared to support your needs.

Call us today at (310) 872-1898 and you will be delighted to have our team of technicians skillfully repair, install, or replace your garbage disposal system.

Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Is in Trouble

It is important to know the warning signals that your garbage disposal is about to fail so that you can proactively repair it. Make sure to always take care of your safety first.

While the disposal is off, check to make sure no hard objects have become stuck inside. Always use a utensil or tool to check – you must absolutely not put your hand in the disposal, since you could risk losing your fingers. You do not want any chance of the disposal turning on accidentally, since the powerful motor, which runs its sharp blades at 2,000 RPM, would instantly obliterate your fingers. Once it is clear that there isn’t simply some remaining food temporarily blocking the passage down your kitchen pipes, you should check to see if the following problems remain.

These indicators are crucial to proactively taking care of your disposal before disaster strikes:

  • Smelly odors – If you notice rotting food smells or sulfuric odors coming from the drain, that is a clear sign there is a blockage or obstruction that needs to be removed.
  • Inability to start – The moment you notice that your disposal is simply dead and refuses to turn on, you will want to immediately check whether a circuit breaker has tripped, and whether your motor is burned out. While there is often a reset button for disposal units, more often than not, you will just need a replacement.
  • Clogs or slow draining. You may be surprised by this fact, but the chemical drain cleaners sold by grocery stores are not helpful to your drain, and actually cause a lot more damage. Instead, call your friends at Carter Services to provide a safe way of removing the deeper clog and blockage within the drain.

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal with Professional Support

Because there are so many disposal types on the market nowadays, it might feel overwhelming at first when you are trying to pick one. Thankfully, our professional technicians are highly qualified to not just answer your questions but also offer experienced advice on the type of disposal that would best match your family's usage needs. At Carter Services, we can make the right recommendations, offering multiple solutions with affordable finaning plans to serve you and your family.

Contact us now (310) 872-1898 so that you can get the highest quality garbage disposal services in Torrance from our professional experts.


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