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Electrical issues can pop up in a home now and then, and often without any prior warning. Although you might be tempted to just ignore the problem and brush it off as a minor annoyance, doing so could put you and your home in serious danger. It's the simple cause and effect rule – if you have an issue in your electrical system, it's being caused by something. When it pertains to electricity, any issue should be addressed immediately.

Many of the problems that arise within a home's electrical system can be traced to improper wiring, shorted wiring, bad connections, and outdated wiring. When the issue is more than a tripped breaker or a cord that's not plugged in all the way, you should let a professional address it. Choosing to work on any faulty outlets, breakers, or wiring could put you into contact with electricity. Remember that electricity is dangerous. One wrong move could result in damage to your home, as well as electrocution, leading to serious injuries or even death.

For all your electrical troubleshooting needs in Torrance, trust Carter Services. We’ll ensure your electrical issues are promptly and properly dealt with. Call (310) 872-1898 to get started.

Frequent Residential Electrical Problems

There are several electrical issues that homeowners are prone to experience, including:

  • Circuit breakers keep tripping – When a circuit breaker trips, it is doing its job to protect you. Frequently tripping breakers are often due to appliances that use high wattage, including microwaves and hairdryers. This problem may indicate you require a panel upgrade.
  • Lights are flickering – This issue can be caused by several factors, including faulty light fixtures/switches, loose light plugs, the wrong type of bulb, or an appliance that pulls a significant amount of power on startup. It could also indicate a more substantial electrical issue, such as a problem with your electric utility service, loose or outdated wiring, or a problem with the meter box.
  • Electrical shocks – If you are experiencing several minor shocks, akin to a static shock, it could be due to a faulty appliance, backstabbed wires, power leakage, and more. It’s crucial to have your electrical system examined by a licensed electrician to determine the precise cause.
  • Lighting is too dim or too bright – If you have some bulbs that are brighter than others, it could be due to the amount of wattage that different bulbs are consuming. Alternatively, your main power panel may be experiencing technical issues.
  • High electric bills – There are several reasons that your energy bills are spiking, including damaged wiring and circuits, leakage in electrical systems, or outdated electrical devices that are consuming too much power. To discover the exact cause of your high utility costs, schedule an appointment with our skilled electricians.

Call Our Electrical Troubleshooting Experts!

The purpose of troubleshooting an electrical problem is to accurately determine the source of the issue to provide the right remedy. Carter Services is here to do just that if you have noticed some little electrical annoyances in your house. Our licensed electricians have an extensive knowledge of all things electrical. We also have the proper equipment to correctly diagnose your problem and deliver a fast and effective solution. We can handle issues with ethernet cables, phone lines, and low voltage work.

Our Torrance electrical troubleshooting experts are here to help! Contact (310) 872-1898 now to guarantee a successful and safe repair.


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