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Summer is a season that many Californians eagerly anticipate, but it comes with a hefty price tag. With temperatures reaching well above 100 degrees at times, many homeowners crank up their air conditioning systems to stay cool. As a result, energy bills can skyrocket, leaving you to wonder what you can do to save money.

The good news is that there are ways to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we'll discuss the ideal AC temperature setting for saving money during the summer in Southern California.

What’s the Ideal AC Temperature Setting for Saving Money During the Summer in Southern California?

The first thing to understand is that there isn't a one-size-fits-all temperature for everyone. What's comfortable for one person might not be for another. However, the Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you're at home during the summer months. This temperature will keep your home cool and comfortable while reducing your energy usage and keeping your energy bills low.

If 78 degrees isn't comfortable for you, consider increasing the temperature by a degree or two until you find a setting that works for you. Every degree you increase your thermostat during the summer could potentially save you up to three percent on your energy bill. So, if you're comfortable at 80 degrees, you could save up to six percent on your energy bill versus keeping it at 78 degrees.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Programmable Thermostat?

Another way to save money while staying cool in the summer is to use a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your AC to turn off or adjust to a higher temperature when you're away or asleep, saving you even more money.

You can also program your thermostat to reach your desired temperature shortly before you come back home or wake up in the morning.

Should I Turn Off My AC When I’m Not at Home?

While some homeowners swear by keeping their AC on full blast all summer long, it's not necessary to keep your home comfortable. In fact, turning off your AC when you leave your home for extended periods of time or using a ceiling fan to circulate cool air can be just as effective at keeping your home comfortable. Try turning off your AC or raising the temperature to 80 degrees when you're away for a few hours to save energy and money.

Other Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill During the Summer

In addition to setting your AC to the proper temperature and using a programmable thermostat, there are several other things you can do to save money on your energy bill during summer:

  • You can keep your curtains closed during the hottest part of the day to block out the sun's heat.
  • You can install window films to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.
  • You can perform regular maintenance on your AC, such as changing the air filter, to keep it running efficiently.

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