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Technician repairing an air conditioner

A broken down air conditioner is frustrating. It becomes even more frustrating when you realize that the problem is one that you could have prevented by keeping up with basic maintenance.

Keeping up with ac maintenance is the best way to take care of your air conditioner and prevent costly breakdowns. Unfortunately, a lot of people underestimate the true value of maintenance until they have a problem.

Still not convinced that AC maintenance is worth the investment? Check out these common problems you could avoid by simply scheduling annual air conditioner maintenance.


Air conditioner leaks are more common than many homeowners realize. Often mistaken for plumbing leaks, they can create a huge mess and cause thousands of dollars in water damage. These leaks occur when an air conditioner’s condensate drain becomes damaged or clogged with debris. During a maintenance call, technicians check and clean the drain to prevent such problems.


Freezing may seem normal, but it is actually a serious problem that can cause permanent damage to your cooling system. The refrigerant in your air conditioner transfers heat outdoors and cools down a coil which cools the air. When that coil freezes up, the refrigerant is no longer able to do its job.

There are several problems that could cause your coils to freeze up, including low refrigerant, problems with the fan motor or a dirty air filter. These are all things that your technician will check for an address when performing air conditioner maintenance.


Modern air conditioners are meant to last for several years, but they break down sooner when not properly maintained. Some parts wear out and need to be adjusted or replaced sooner than others. Failing to do so could lead to premature system failure. During a maintenance call, AC technicians check all of the system’s components and address any issues they may find.

At Carter Services, we are here to help you and your family stay cool all summer long. Whether you are due to have your system maintained or you need a helping hand with preventative ac maintenance, we do it all! To schedule a service call, please contact us today. Request an appointment online or call (310) 872-1898.

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