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These days when people pick out a new car, they don’t just run for the cheapest or fanciest one on the lot. Car buyers take into consideration not only the upfront cost of the vehicle but also the fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. At Carter Services, we believe that the same care should be taken when it’s time to choose a new heating system for your Long Beach and Torrance Los Angeles home. With a great variety of high-efficiency heating options available, it’s important to find the heating unit that will be the best fit for your particular home. To determine whether a boiler or forced air heating system would work best in your home, start by weighing the pros and cons and think about how they apply to your individual situation.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Boilers & Forced Air Heating

Boiler Pros

  • Boilers are highly efficient. Because boilers don’t use ducts, most of the heat generated will actually make it into the rooms of your home. The less wasted heat, the less wasted energy and money!
  • Boilers can sometimes be used as water heaters as well.
  • If you have a radiant heat system, a boiler will work well alongside it.

Boiler Cons

  • Natural gas is the ideal fuel for boilers. If natural gas isn’t available in your area, and you have to run the boiler on electricity or with propane, chances are you’ll end up spending extra money.

Forced Air Pros

  • Heating maintenance on forced air heating systems is typically inexpensive and simple.
  • Many homes come already equipped with the necessary ductwork, saving you that expense.

Forced Air-Cons

  • The heated air from your heating unit is distributed throughout your home by ducts. During this process, heat is lost as the air moves through the chilly ducts or as the air escapes through leaks in the ductwork. You may be able to prevent some of the heat loss by having your ducts sealed by a heating technician.
  • Ductwork can become dirty over time, spreading contaminants like dust and allergens into your air.
  • Installing a forced air heating system can be an expensive initial investment if the ductwork isn’t already present in your home.

Torrance Heating Installation Pros

At Carter Services, our heating experts are available to give you advice and guidance in choosing heating products for your Long Beach and Torrance Los Angeles home. Whatever heating unit you decide on, our heating technicians have the experience and expertise needed to get the heating installation done right the first time. If you’ve got more questions about boilers, forced air heating systems, or any heating repair or heating service, give our friendly heating professionals a call today!

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