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An HVAC technician installs a filter into a furnace

Filters in furnaces are put there for more than one reason. Filters clean the air that circulates in your home and they also protect the furnace. The more expensive filters can even stop allergens. It is important to keep filters clean. Dirty filters do nothing to keep the air clean. Filters should be checked every month to make sure they are clean and then changed once they become dirty or every three months.

Keeping a clean filter in the furnace is an inexpensive way to improve the quality of the air in your home and keep the air at its highest quality. A clean filter also extends the life of the furnace by reducing dust build up in the heater burner box and other important parts of the furnace. A clean filter will increase the efficiency of your furnace which can result in savings on your monthly electric and gas bill. The more efficiently running furnace will last longer which can result in savings by preventing premature replacement of the furnace.

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