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Air filter covered with dust and grime

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, and football season is back in full swing. All that can only mean one thing – summer is coming to an end. The first day of fall is quickly approaching, and though the temperatures here in southern California generally stay pretty warm, it’s still a good time to make sure your HVAC system – including your furnace – is in good working order.

Giving your HVAC system a bit of TLC now could save you a lot of headaches later on. Here are a few things we recommended checking out.


  • Replace HVAC filters. Replacing your HVAC filters regularly is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the system’s longevity and prevent breakdowns. Filters need to be replaced every 6 months, and fall and spring are the best times. Dirty filters force your system to work harder, resulting in uneven heating and cooling and premature breakdowns.
  • Clean your ducts. Obstructed air ducts also force HVAC systems to work harder. Whether you have vents that are obstructed by furniture, drapery or other items or your ducts are full of dust and debris, your system can’t work properly if the ducts and vents aren’t clear.
  • Examine furnace burners and blowers. It’s a good idea to check your furnace burners and blowers, just in case you need to switch your furnace on this fall or winter. When your furnace isn’t in use, dust builds up inside and can cause a fire hazard.
  • Schedule a professional HVAC checkup. Your home’s HVAC system is complex and consists of numerous parts that must work together to ensure proper functionality. If you aren’t sure how all those parts work, we recommend scheduling a professional HVAC checkup. When you choose Carter Services for the job, we’ll send a technician out to go over yourself and perform HVAC maintenance in Torrance and the surrounding areas.


With South Bay HVAC maintenance from Carter Services, you can keep your heating and cooling systems in peak condition throughout the coming seasons. To learn more or request an appointment, please call (310) 872-1898 now.

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