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A drop of water falls from a silver bathroom faucet

Many states across the country battle everyday with the effects of hard water. Compared to soft water (water with low or no calcium or magnesium metal), hard water has an increased amount minerals. The most common type of minerals that are found in hard water are calcium and magnesium.

Hard water can affect many aspects of your home, from your dishwasher to the shower. Take a look inside the dishwasher, looks clean doesn’t it. If you battle with hard water there could very well be mineral deposits inside the dishwasher. They can be on the inner walls where the water comes in contact with the dishes as well as the pipes to the actually washer.

Hard water also hurt faucets. The minerals that are in the water stays behind and corrodes spigots and shower heads. As the minerals stay behind and clog the faucets the pipes are also getting damaged. The minerals that are found in the water calcify. If the hard water is not taken care of the calcification of the minerals can cause the pipes in your house to be clogged off. Think of pipes of solid stone instead of water.

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