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As long as we’ve had air conditioning and heating systems, we’ve sought ways to make them more effective and more efficient. The goal of attaining better heating and cooling capabilities while using less energy has seen some substantial improvements in the past, but there hasn’t been an improvement in this ongoing goal quite like that of the smart thermostat in many, many years.

Smart thermostats are sort of like a programmable thermostat, but with far more power and flexibility than your standard programmable unit could ever hope to have. Whereas a programmable thermostat will generally just follow a schedule of turning on and off and adjusting to particular temperatures day after day, smart thermostats use the power of the internet to not only improve your energy efficiency, but to make keeping your home comfortable easier and more stress-free than ever before. Smart thermostats can interact with other devices in your home, give you total control over your heating and cooling from your smartphone or tablet, and even make adjustments to maintain comfort while also reducing energy consumption. In fact, they can save you an immense amount of money for the low investment of just a few hundred dollars.

The Nest Smart Thermostat

There may be no smart thermostat that’s smarter, more flexible, or has more functionality than the Nest Thermostat. The Nest Thermostat may not appear to be much on the surface—it’s a small, round box that sits on your wall with a full-color LED display on the front. However, this small unit packs so many features and options that it will completely change how you heat and cool your home.

Perhaps the most revolutionary feature of a Nest Thermostat is its learning capability. Using an incredibly precise AI algorithm, the NEST Thermostat actually learns what your climate preferences are and begins to self-adjust in order to maintain an atmosphere you find comfortable. Within about a week, your system should begin making accurate self-adjustments and the algorithm will only improve as time goes on and you begin making refined adjustments as the weather changes. Before long you’ll never have to touch your thermostat again!

However, the Nest goes beyond this as well. Nest Thermostats are designed to offer you unparalleled control and flexibility. A Nest Thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world through an intuitive smartphone app, meaning you’ll no longer need to stress or worry about forgetting to turn the temperature up or down before leaving for work or going on vacation. With a few quick swipes and taps of your fingers, you’ll be able to shut your HVAC system off, adjust your temperatures, or even see usage statistics in an easy-to-read and neatly laid-out format.

Nest is constantly improving their thermostats as well. These systems self-update and regularly receive algorithm upgrades designed to further improve energy efficiency and overall comfort. When a new software update is released, your system automatically downloads and installs it via your Wi-Fi connection—no messy USB cables, no stressing about following complicated procedures, and no risk of a disconnection causing your thermostat to fail.

Nest Thermostats can also help by identifying when your system may need maintenance or repairs. By carefully monitoring system performance, your Nest can notify you when there may be an issue that’s preventing it from working as it should. This allows you to get on top of your repair early and get you the fix you need before it becomes a serious problem.

How to Get a Nest Thermostat

Interested in upgrading to a Nest thermostat? They can be purchased in a number of ways. You can buy them directly from Nest online, as well as from just about any store that sells thermostats. Most home improvement warehouses will have thermostats and some also carry smart thermostats including the Nest Thermostat.

You can also purchase a Nest Thermostat directly from an HVAC installer. The best part about going through this method is that you can also book your installation appointment so you can get your thermostat installed properly as well. A professional installation will make sure your Nest is configured properly, controlling your system as it should, calibrated correctly, and so much more.

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