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From causing irreversible damage to putting your health and safety at serious risk, electrical fires can have a devastating impact on your home. Luckily, electrical fires do not have to happen. Protect your home and family and prevent electrical fires by learning how to identify and fix various electrical fire hazards throughout your property. Continue reading to learn more.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are incredibly important systems designed to alert you and your loved ones of a fire, giving you time to evacuate and get to safety. If you do not already have smoke alarms installed in your home, it’s time to change that.

Smoke alarms should be installed:

  • On every level of the home
  • Outside of each sleeping area
  • Inside each bedroom

Make sure to test your fire alarm often and replace the batteries at least once per year. After 10 years, your fire alarms should be replaced.

Switches & Outlets

Malfunctioning, damaged, or incorrectly installed switches and outlets are a serious electrical fire hazard.

Call an electrician if:

  • Plugs fall out of your outlets
  • You have outlets or switches that don’t do anything
  • Any of your outlets or switches are hot to the touch
  • Any of your outlets or switches are scorched or smoking
  • Any of your outlets or switches are making buzzing or crackling sounds

The issues listed above are all signs of wiring issues, which can be very dangerous.


To avoid electrical fires, your cords need to be used properly.

Avoid doing any of the following things to your electrical cords:

  • Wrapping them up
  • Covering them with carpets or rugs
  • Relying on power strips
  • Attaching cords to anything using staples or nails
  • Using damaged, chewed, or frayed cords
  • Pinching them under furniture

Pinched, wrapped, or otherwise compromised cords can easily overheat and cause electrical fires.

Portable Heaters

Portable electrical heaters should be kept at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn such as curtains, bedding, or electrical cords. Additionally, portable heaters should be turned off if you are leaving the room.

Lamps & Light Fixtures

Using lightbulbs with the wrong wattage can cause the fixture or lamp to overheat and start a fire.

Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel is responsible for safely distributing electricity throughout your home. When it is outdated or damaged, it can be a serious safety hazard.

Below are signs you need to update your electrical panel:

  • It is rusted
  • It is making buzzing sounds
  • It is hot to the touch
  • Your circuit breakers trip often
  • Your appliances aren’t running at full power
  • You don’t have arc fault circuit interrupters
  • Your lights are buzzing or flickering

Call Carter Services for an Electrical Inspection

At Carter Services, our skilled electricians are committed to ensuring your health and safety. We provide comprehensive inspections during which we can identify and resolve any electrical hazards in your home. Backed by years of service excellence and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we have what it takes to keep your home safe from electrical fires.

Our electrical services include:

Send us a message online or call (310) 872-1898 to schedule an electrical inspection today. We look forward to serving you!