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Spring is the best time for AC Maintenance because you'll have increased efficiency and less operating costs, more scheduling flexibility with HVAC companies, and less risk of a mid-summer breakdown. Your AC is a big investment, so it’s great that you want to make sure it’s taken care of. If you’re new to the world of AC maintenance, Carter Services is here to fill you in on some of our favorite tips and tricks for properly maintaining your system. Your air conditioner is responsible for keeping your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest of days. Handling all of your AC maintenance during spring is the best way to ensure that your system is in the best shape possible when the summer heat rolls in.

What You Can Do to Maintain Your AC

Did you know that skipping out on AC maintenance can reduce the efficiency of your system by around 5% each year? In addition, a lack of maintenance can result in frequent repairs, astronomical utility bills, and premature system failure. Instead of dealing with unnecessary damage, make sure you follow our maintenance tips this year.

To take care of your AC, you should:

  • Replace your filter every 1-3 months (check it regularly and replace it when it’s dirty)
  • Make sure all of your air registers are open and nothing is blocking them
  • Clear away any leaves, branches, gardening tools, or other items within 2-3 feet of your outside unit
  • Increase the temperature on your thermostat while you are away to avoid unnecessary system strain
  • Schedule a professional maintenance appointment every spring

Why Professional Maintenance Is Important

During a maintenance appointment, your technician carefully inspects each component of your system, runs a full safety and performance test, tightens loose electrical connections, lubricates motors parts, cleans dirty components, assesses the system’s overall condition, identifies any potential problem areas, and much more.

Some of the key benefits of routine maintenance include:

  • Ensures system performance and safety
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Reduces the risk of repairs and breakdowns
  • Extends system’s lifespan
  • Enhances your at-home comfort

What to Look for in a Maintenance Company

If you haven’t already scheduled your appointment, we’ve got a few tips for finding a reliable HVAC company. After all, it is important that you find a company that you can trust to take care of your home and keep your family comfortable.

When searching for a heating and air conditioning company, you should look at:

  • Reviews: Customer reviews are a great place to learn more about a company’s workmanship and professionalism. Read through a chunk of recent reviews to find out what your local community members think about the services they received.
  • Experience: Properly servicing an air conditioner takes extensive training. Make sure the company has plenty of experience.
  • Qualifications: You’ll want to make sure that the technicians you hire are completely licensed to handle your AC.
  • Insurance: The last thing you want is to be stuck with the bill in the event that a technician is injured on the job at your home. Make sure the company is an insured contractor.

Here at Carter Services, your comfort is our top priority, which is why we want to make sure you don’t miss out on AC maintenance. Our skilled technicians are fully licensed and insured, and are backed by nearly 50 years of service experience. We offer comprehensive maintenance services guaranteed to keep your AC in the best shape possible, so you can rest easy knowing your home and family will be cool and comfortable all summer long.

Our additional AC services include:

For any questions about how to take care of your AC, or to schedule a maintenance service, call Carter Services at (310) 872-1898.