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White film on glassware & dishes after washing dishes. The following are some common causes.

You wash your dishes again and again. But why is that white film still there? Hard water is often the culprit. Hard water is water that has a higher content of calcium and magnesium than that of soft water. When the dish water evaporates off from the dishes that have been washed in hard water, the minerals stay behind. That’s where the white film comes from.

The inside of the dishwasher can be a reason for the white film appearing on your clean dishes. At first thought, the inside of the dishwasher may not be dirty, seeing that it is constantly being surrounded with hot water and detergent. Being dirty is not the problem. If the dishwasher is being ran with hard water, the minerals can get on the dishes as well the inner walls and then be transferred to the dishes with the next wash. A water softener can be used to solve that issue.

Another reason that pesky white film may be on your dishes could be from using too much detergent. The excess detergent is not being completely washed away with the dirt and grime. The detergent is cut in half, not only will the white film go away, but the savings from not buying as much dish detergent is a hidden plus.

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